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          MSU’s International Neurologic & Psychiatric Epidemiology Program has faculty whose research and clinical interests are aimed at decreasing the burden of neuropsychiatric disorders in developing regions as well as improving access to care for such patients in these environments. We are now offering a 1-2 year fellowship for fully trained clinical neurologists to develop the research expertise necessary to undertake an academic career in the study of neurologic disorders that impact the developing world. Although most individuals would require 2-years of training, those applicants with significant research training and/or international experience might be appropriate for consideration of a 1-year position.

          Potential applicants should anticipate ~3 months annually of international work related to their research interests. Initially, fellows might begin by working with senior investigators who are already established in their work, although applicants with international relationships and a potential project in mind would be very encouraged. 研究 training includes close mentoring from faculty, most of whom are NIH-funded investigators in addition to didactic course work through the MSU Department of Epidemiology. Fellows are expected to complete the coursework for a certificate or Master’s in Epidemiology. Those interested in seeking PhD-level training would be encouraged to do so although > 2 years is required for this endeavor. Multidisciplinary training which might include exposure to course work and mentors in sociology, anthropology, and health services research are possible.


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